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With Imagebuilders you work ‘à la carte’. Which means that Imagebuilders B.V. will manage the entire process – from concept to production – and handle all the logistics right through to installation. You just select the discipline you require and want us to take care of.
For optimal communication, you will deal with a single account manager throughout the process, who will be available to discuss any problems you might have. And even when the project is completed, you can still ask us for advice. And of course we make sure that the budget is continuously monitored.

Imagebuilders offers you a total package, customized to your needs:
• Active support, technical/financial/creative, during the concept phase
• Engineering and prototyping
• Budgeting
• Constructing a pilot
• Participation in the evaluation period
• Production of the hardware
• Maintenance of hardware stocks
• Picking and packaging the orders
• Provision of logistics, just in time delivery!
• Designing the store or shop within the concept
• Application for a provision of the necessary permits
• Budget monitoring
• Planning project and process
And all demolition and construction work necessary.

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